Step by step computer training

INSPIRED  learning
 About me

Simple tasks such as making folders and saving documents in easy accessible places, seemed a frightening prospect to many, I felt there was an opening in the market so I started my own business, Inspired Learning which has now been up and running for 15 years.

After years of working in the IT industry it became apparent to me how many people surprising lacked basic knowledge in computing skills.


One to one or group sessions

I teach on both a one to one basis and group sessions in my local area and produce manuals and video computer training aids to help people in their studies.

Sample manual

Take a look

All my courses are designed to give you an easy step by step computer training aids at affordable prices, so you can learn from the comfort of your own home.

To view a small sample on one of my manuals place your cursor over the link, when it turns into a hand click the left hand-side of your mouse once.

Link for sample

Going online

Expanding my business

Going online seemed to be the most practice move to make and a natural progression to expand my business,  allowing me to extend my course to a much larger audience.

Enjoying my work

Helping people to enjoy computing

I really enjoy my work, and take great pleasure in seeing people progressing with their computer studies, enjoying and creating some top quality work.

“After years of working in the IT industry I felt there was an opening in the marketplace to teach people how to use their computers and help them learn to love computing as much as me .”